Friday, October 17, 2003

Tips for Driving Dean 

If you ever get a chance to drive a Presidential candidate, here are some things to do:

1) Claim to the advance person that you lost the keys to the car. Never fails to get a big laugh.

2) If the candidate is eating in the car, ask if he's going to eat "all of that".

3) Stop at McDonalds drive-thru on the way to the airport.

4) Jump in when the staff is talking about strategy to give your opinion. They love that.

5) When you meet the Gov., thank him for not requiring a drug test before the drive.

6) Ask him if he's available for a kegger over the weekend.

7) Tell the press that you're a Raelian and you find the Gov's approach on cloning "refreshing".

8) Suggest to the Gov. that Lyndon Larouche is misunderstood.

9) While on the interstate, ask if the Gov. "likes living on the edge".

10) When he leaves, start crying and say "WHAT WILL I DO NOW???".

New thing 

Hey, I've been asked to contribute here.

I will not be posting anything about Dean there, other than impartial thoughts on the Dem. campaign. But if you want to hear me being a smart-ass elsewhere, there you are.

Dean and the next thirteen months 

I will be honest. It is, at times, very hard to keep so energized about one candidate for very long. Attending events, flyering, blogging and all of those things take time. It is draining.

That said, after driving Dean Wed. night, I realized from the conversation that a) he's a good man, which is a rare thing in life, let alone politics, and b) he is not in politics for narcissistic reasons, but for public service. His staff, from Jenny Lehrner, Kate O'Connor, Bryce, Rory and numerous others are also good people trying to make a difference.

We have finally found a campaign worthy of its supporters.

That, I guess, is why we've all been energized for so long. It was easy, particularly six months ago, to feel isolated and alone in your beliefs. Meetup, as well as the house parties, as well as everything else in this campaign, makes us understand that we aren't alone.

Win or lose, we have all been involved in this campaign, not out of pecuniary gain or ambition, but because we believed it was the right thing to do.

I have met so many people that I value through the Dean Meetups. It is a honor for me have met all of you.

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Almost Famous 

I'll post later about this.

I drove the Gov. last night.

I won't tell you anything other than the most general things about the visit, as, well, I didn't ask him permission to post anything.

Two things, quickly:

1) He is a very nice man,

2) Running for President is a tremendous sacrifice. Seeing what I did last night, I think we should remember that politicians are performing a public service. It is a hard job.

I hope everyone had a great time last night.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Dean in KC, tonight 

Uptown Theater. Doors open at 7pm. I would recommend coming then so everything can go smoothly.

PS: I will be posting a surprise entry tonight or tomorrow regarding Dean's visit.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Taking It To The Streets 

The St. Louis crowd is starting their door-to-door canvassing effort starting this Saturday at 10 a.m. at Mike Kime's in University City. Please email me if you can join us - I can't wait to start really seriously canvassing! It should be fun. I'm at beth_maskow@yahoo.com.

Monday, October 13, 2003

If the ALCS was run like Bush's Foreign Policy 

OK, I have to make reference to this Pandagon post, because I'm a baseball freak:

"Apparently, the proper way to have handled Zimmer lunging at Pedro Martinez would have been for the Red Sox to head into the Yankees bullpen at the beginning of the game before anyone had done anything and then throw Zimmer down. Even though they hadn't threatened the Sox or Martinez to that point, their history with the Sox, as well as the clear and present danger Clemens had historically posed to hitters would have justified it. And if we find out that they weren't actually planning to attack Martinez, well, it's okay, because we'd have brought peace and prosperity to the New York Yankees.

(Sorry, I'm just taking my lessons on defense from the Iraq war.)"

Trust me if you're not a baseball fan: it is funny.

Sunday, October 12, 2003

Bill O'Reilly  

OK, the man continues to embarass himself.

He was apparently interviewed by Terry Gross (Fresh Air, NPR) and stormed out of the studio. Because if you're looking for obnoxious interview tactics, there's nothing like the shock-jock tactics of Terry Gross.

A highlight (courtesy, Paul Fisher on Neal Pollack.com):

* "When discussing some incident when O'Reilly accidentally claimed that Inside Edition had received a Peabody Award (he claims that he meant to say Pope Award, whatever the hell a Pope Award is), Gross resisted what I'm sure was the tremendous temptation to point out that Fresh Air, which O'Reilly had been treating as an unimportant show, is actually a Peabody Award-winning show."

My suggestion: Terry Gross holding the Peabody up in the air while doing a Billy "Whiteshoes" Johnson endzone dance. But that's just me. I'm a divider, not a uniter.

Hey, have I mentioned Dean will be here 10-15. Click here to register.

The Dullest Alliance Ever 

Dick Gephardt and John Kerry are apparently joining forces. Together, their joint powers to bore potential supporters with long ancedotes about their past will create some sort of force field, which will somehow cause Dean to lose the Iowa caucuses.

Maybe if they merge, we'll hear about a son of a Teamster serving in Vietnam battling "miserable failures" in a Brahmin accent, indiscernable eyebrows and a ponderous speaking style.

To see who they're battling on 10-15 in person, please register here.


Again, please pre-register for the Dean visit on Wed. in Kansas City here.


OK, the fact that Rush Limbaugh, before heading off on "vacation", actually entitled something this:

"The Secret Life of Howard Dean"

Now, to me, that's just unintentional humor par excellence.

"Secret life"? Anything to share, Rush?


There are apparently a number of letters from servicemen written by soldiers sent to hometown newspapers.

One problem, though: the soldiers didn't write them. They were form letters sent by, well, we don't know. In fact, the soldiers don't even know the letters are being sent.


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