Friday, August 15, 2003


Chris welcomed me a while ago, but I just now got around to blogging on the site. I'm glad to be here nonetheless.

Anyway, headed to the State Fair in Sedalia for Legislative Day yesterday. Because of a miscommunication, we didn't end up handing out anything at the ham breakfast, but we did hang out at the Democratic tent for a while. Marie Gladback, who was in charge of the tent, was very supportive of our presence, even though someone had taken one of our signs down. While I did meet a few legislators (backing Gephardt), most striking was the fact that average fair patrons were very supportive of and interested in Dean. Gephardt's Missouri campaign director was there but no volunteers from his or any other campaign. I encourage anyone who has the chance to head to the fair this weekend, and bring any Dean stickers (or other paraphenalia) with you if you have any!

Howard Dean Holding Phone Fundraiser on Gephardt's Home Turf
" One of the leading Democratic candidates for President is making a foray into the heart of Gephardt Country.

Local supporters of the Howard Dean campaign will be at the Bevo Mill tonight for a phone-conference fundraiser with the former Vermont Governor on the line.

Is this a big deal?

'He's coming into Gephardt's turf, not physically, but by phone,' says St. Louis University Political Science Professor Ken Warren. 'That's somewhat embarassing for Gephardt.'

Warren says Gephardt is not doing as well as expected by now, and the political fact of life is he's lagging at number three in the Democratic pack behind Dean and Massachusetts Senator John Kerry.

'Dean doesn't have any chance of winning Missouri,' Warren says. 'But still, he will be able to raise some money here.'"

Thursday, August 14, 2003


The headline says it all: "Why the Democrats need Dean".


He played the blues last night? Did anyone know he could this?


I've read with some interest regarding how much money Bush will spend in the next election cycle. But the question remains: what will he spend the money on, exactly? How many money can you throw at fundamentalist churches? How many cheap hot dogs and balloons can one campaign buy? When does the law of diminishing returns kick in, anyway?

Then it hit me.

Here's how it works: the Administration gets tax breaks to the rich. The rich, in turn, gives contributions to the campaign. The campaign then hires Republican campaign workers in every precinct. This is a jobs program.

It trickles down, as long as you agree with the Administration.

Leave No Republican Operative Behind.

RogerSimon.Com: The Advantages of Real Life

This is a must read, about watching the debates live, as opposed to on television. Don't miss the end.

Bush-Herausforderer: Bandenkrieg gegen Dr. Dean
Mit scharfen Attacken gegen George Bush, den Krieg und die "Feigheit" der eigenen Partei hat sich Howard Dean an die Spitze der demokratischen Präsidentschaftsbewerber gesetzt. Nun schlägt das Partei-Establishment zurück.
Berlin meetup is at 33.


No point here. I just wanted to use those words. Did Bill O'Reilly also trademark "shrill charlatan"? I'm just curious.


Sorry for not posting recently. There will be more tonight.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003


Senator Biden announced that he will NOT seek the Democratic nomination. A centrist not afraid to criticize Bush, Biden would stand somewhere between Edwards and Kerry on the debate platform and his entry would have seriously undermined Kerry's campaign. Earlier in the nomination season Biden suggested he will enter the race if none of the Washington candidates are effective at beating Dean. A late entry would have put him behind the top-tier candidates in fundraising and organization.

This leaves Clark and Lady Clinton as the potential wildcards on the Democratic side. There is still speculation about whether the former General Wesley Clark is seriously considering announcing his candidacy or smartly positioning himself to be the next VP on the Democratic ticket. We are likely to know soon. Bob Bartley of the Wall Street Journal has suggested that if the capitol gang of senators is unable to deflate Dean, then instead of Biden, Hillary Clinton may be tapped to do the party's bidding.

Then there is Ralph Nader. Will he run? One recommendation the national Green Parties (there are two of them) may want to evaluate is the adoption of a policy of "positive endorsement" of presidential candidates. If at a sensible time before the party conventions the Greens formally endorsed a viable Democratic or Republican candidate (please don't laugh at the prospect of Greens endorsing a Republican, there must be somewhere a distant political relative of Dewey, Anderson or Laguardia, right?) closest to their platform positions, instead of running a marginal figure of their own, they could wield some pull in the election process without undermining thier own policy goals. What is interesting to note is that the more likely Dean or Kucinich are to win the nomination the less likely is another Nader campaign. It would be nice to see this consideration in the the popular arguments over who is more electable.

And not to leave Bush without his own crazy horse, an article in Salon presents a provocative possibility that Ross Perot may be contemplating another run for the White House, making 2004 in many respects a de ja vu of 1992.

Monday, August 11, 2003


Myself, MAV, Kate Gould from Springfield and Rep. Vicki Walker were all at the Democratic Party tent in Sedalia on Sunday. Great fun and we all got the word out regarding Dean to a great deal of people.

Before you ask, Gephardt shipped a box of signs, but no one to hand them out (um, does anyone know a Gephardt volunteer? Does such a beast exist?). We had three folks show up on Sunday and hope to have more this Thur morning and this weekend. If you want to go, please let me know at deaninkc@msn.com.

PS: Stay tuned. There may be a KC Star story in the very near future about Dean Meetup in Kansas City. More later.


Josh Marshall and Newsweek have the most underreported story of the post-war situation in Iraq: the strange case of Iraqi nuclear scientist Mahdi Obeidi.


We are officially in the silly season of primary politics. Four debates/forums with eight candidates in five days. The first one was on C-SPAN and yes, I watched some of it, until the Royal-Yankee game came on. I thought Dean did well and, most importantly, didn't make a mistake and wasn't attacked by name by anyone other than Dennis Kucinich, who only makes Dean (and pretty much everyone, including Sharpton) look sane, rational and responsible.

To hear analysis of the first of (sigh) three billion forums of the Dems, read here, here and here. DISCLAIMER: The site I linked to is pro-Dean and therefore somewhat biased, but this site is also pro-Dean and somewhat biased, so who cares?

Also here's a Salon piece that is really worth reading regarding Dean's appeal (you have to sit through an ACLU ad, but I happen to think that's worthwile).

And yes, this is funny. Courtesy of these fine folks at the unoffical Dean blog.


I'm not making this up. I swear. Really. Roger Ailes is suing Al Franken for using the phrase "fair and balanced" in the title of his book. I think Ailes would have more success alleging that "lying liars" might be more associated with Fox News. But what the hey. Buy Franken's book here.

Meanwhile, in the latest sign that the California recall might be the death throes of our Republic, I was going to use the story that California is re-ordering the alphabet for their recall ballot and throw in a joke that Arnold wouldn't know the difference.

But that would be cheap.

Instead, I've decided to go with this story about the Game Show Network sponsoring a debate for the Ca. Gov. race. I don't think Arnold will participate, because he would have answer questions (let alone have the right answers).

Oh, what the hey, if we're going to dismantle representative democracy on TV, we might as well do it in the biggest possible way. Let's go with a WWE Smackdown, replete with a cage match. At the end, we can actually throw loaves of bread at the crowd.

Sunday, August 10, 2003


Great overview regarding the Administration's false claims regarding Iraq in the Washington Post, a piece in Newsday suggesting that the Administration is actually trying to use operatives disgraced in the Iran-Contra case to push "regime change" in Iran(because it worked great last time) and the NY Times confirming that those suspicious trailers actually weren't making wmd, but hydrogen for weather balloons.

The Administration's next claim: we needed to monitor balloon making programs, as that was an imminent threat.


Interesting analysis of the web-based strategy here in the Silicon Valley paper, another piece regarding the Dean Corps helping clean up the Missisippi river (thereby already doing more for the enviornment in one day than the Bush Admin. has done in three years), and an article regarding a Meetup in Alabama.


I'd like to welcome Scott from Columbia among our posters. Now we have posting access given to the folks in KC, Columbia, St. Louis and soon Springfield.

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