Saturday, August 02, 2003

The Facade is Cracking:

As Dean supporters in Missouri, one thing we all struggle with is the presumptive inevitability many feel a Gephardt victory in Iowa will be. We know it won't be and even many of the people who say it is inevitable know it is not. Well, this will put a smile on your face:

"Of the 34 "leadership" individuals listed until Friday on Gephardt's Iowa campaign Web site, 11 say that in fact they are either undecided in the presidential campaign or actively supporting one of Gephardt's rivals."
"Steve Gorman, a party activist in Council Bluffs, Iowa, said his name had been included in Gephardt's leadership list 'without me knowing anything about it." He has thrown his support to Dean, he said, because of Dean's success in expanding access to health insurance in Vermont, his opposition to the Iraq war and "his consistency from the very beginning.'"
"Specialists on the Iowa caucuses said the process traditionally is known for loose endorsements and candidate-shopping. But they say it is unusual for such a large proportion of designated "leadership team" members to disavow their endorsements so quickly - especially in the case of a candidate like Gephardt, who has worked so long to make Iowa a linchpin of his campaign."

And do you know what the punchline of this is? This article will appear on Sunday in the St. Louis Post Dispatch, Gephardt's home paper.

St. Louis, get ready for the front-runners to appear at an upcoming Meetup or fundraiser.

Friday, August 01, 2003

Belated Link to Terry Neal:<strong>

The Washington Post's Terry Neal, who I generally like, has written an interesting, albeit at times simplistic, analysis of the question that the DLC has ineptly grappled with: "is Howard Dean a liberal?"

The very question, as if every candidate can be graded from 1-100, is a bit silly. Most people have nuanced positions that are not always orthodox and lock-step with "liberalism" or "conservatism". A writer for the New Republic (and I wish I could remember where to find the link), I think, is closer to the truth: he's a candidate that sounds liberal b/c of his Trumanesque speaking style, but doesn't have to worry about moving to the middle after the primaries (as most nominees have to worry about) because he's already there.

Bottom line: if supporting sane fiscal policies and opposing questionable wars has made one a liberal in today's lexicon, sign me up.


According to the AP and Political Wire, you can win a day with John Kerry (kind of like a Tiger Beat promotion from the 70s, except without John Stamos and with our generation's Ed Muskie) and "the contest will be announced in the next few days. It will focus on grass-roots organizing and small dollar fund-raising, with the winner getting the chance to accompany Kerry on the campaign trail in Iowa or New Hampshire."

I have a winning idea. What they need to do is have a website where people familiar with the candidate can share ideas at a common place and come up with ideas to promote his candidacy. I call it "Meetup". Also, what they can do is actively promote a website that encourages people to be a part of the candidacy by giving small dollar donations.

Nah. It'll never work.

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Dean Envy:

In a very new development, John Kerry is throwing barbs at Howard Dean. Well, the Kerry campaign is worried.

If you think it might work, this article by Chris Sullentrop of Slate will dissuade you. Seriously. Dean might win a portion of the Kerry staffer vote. Here's the money paragraph regarding Sullentrop's conversation with a Kerry supporter:
The more I tell him about Dean, the more crestfallen he seems to get. Without mentioning Kerry, I tell him that Dean never appears to be trying to walk out of a room. He interjects: "That's a real problem we have, because Kerry's a senator, so he needs to be back in Washington. Dean's basically unemployed, so he can spend all day hanging out with three people." It's only a feeling I get, but I can't help wondering if he signed up with Kerry because he thought Kerry would win, and now he's questioning his decision. As I head out to catch my plane, I think that the girl on his right appears to be consoling him.

Dean in New York Times

The NY Times has a HUGE piece on Dean in today's paper (really, I'm not kidding about the length). Registration is required to read through this link. Besides, registration is free and the actual paper costs a dollar.

Bush Poll #s Drop:

More evidence, this time from NBC/WSJ, that Bush's re-election is far from a sure thing. In this poll, a 56% approval rating with continued credibility problems regarding Iraq. We should be optimistic about the coming election. Here's the underlying trend from Pollkatz.

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