Thursday, January 22, 2004

Angry Dean Meme 

If you have been watching the news and/or late night TV, a lot has been made out of the speech that Dean gave on the night of the Caucuses. I was at the rally and I am again disgusted by the media distortion.

First, for those saying that he should have been gracious, he was. He gave his concession speech three times that night on Larry King Live, CNBC, and MSNBC. Dean called Kerry to congratulate him, and Kerry is quoted as saying that Dean "was gracious". Also, Dean wasn’t yelling because he was mad. He is smiling the whole time, and some in the media are finally pointing this out.

The speech was actually a rally for the thousands of volunteers who had spent so much of their time in IA knocking on doors in the freezing cold, talking on the phone in the not much warmer “hanger”, driving people to the caucuses, and a hundred other little jobs that had to be done. The Stormers were disappointed in the results that night, but Dean came out to cheer us up and remind us that this race is a marathon and not a sprint.

Now, the way that the media has portrayed the speech as Angry Dean, has indeed hurt us. Tonight Dean will appear on Letterman to help stop this nonsense. He and Judy have also been interviewed by Diane Sawyer, which will air tonight on ABC Prime Time Thursday. All of this TV time is in addition to the NH Debate with will air at 7pm on Fox News Channel.

Finally, if you have found this whole thing as ridiculous as I have, check out this dance remix.

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